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Storage Features

Quest ™ Humidity-Controlled Plus

Temperature and Humidity Controlled StorSmart Units

This is the “safest” storage environment available in the industry! Our Humidity Controlled Plus StorSmart units offer the comforts of temperature control and maintain the humidity in the air at safe levels. By reducing humidity, the likelihood of mold and mildew growth, paper rot or metal corrosion is greatly diminished! This is the perfect choice of storage environments if you are storing fine furniture, electronics or anything else that doesn’t get along with humidity. Don’t rely on moisture retardants or other dehumidifiers alone- the most reliable way to control humidity is a Quest™ humidity controlled StorSmart unit!

Secure self storage at all StorSmart Moving and Storage locations

Temperature Controlled StorSmart Units

Temperature controlled StorSmart Units are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. Your valuables are protected from extreme temperature swings that can damage furniture, electronics, and various forms of plastic and wax. Temperature controlled spaces are also ideal for the comfort of customers who visit their StorSmart unit frequently.

Traditional Drive-up StorSmart Units

Sometimes the basics are best! If you would trust storing your stuff in a typical household garage, then a traditional StorSmart unit is just what you’re looking for. Clean, drive-up access and securable, traditional storage spaces are StorSmart’s most common choice. Talk with our friendly and knowledgeable StorSmart Advisor and let’s plan your space together.